Jemca presents: 30 Seconds With…the Toyota Yaris

It’s an agile, efficient car built for the city. The Yaris bares a daring and distinctive design along with a range of features you may need for a truly satisfying journey.

How much do you really know about this unique model? We’re telling all in our “30 Seconds With…” video series. Watch and find out what you’ve missed!

Leading the way – Toyota voted number one automotive brand in 2015

According to the 2015 Best Global Brands Study released by Interbrand, Toyota is the best automotive brand in the world, and sixth best overall. Toyota was the only automotive company to be placed in the top 10, striding ahead of companies like Amazon, McDonald’s, Samsung and GE.

Interbrand took key aspects into consideration, including Toyota’s brand value growth, their global leadership in the hybrid market, and their new efforts to engage with customers. A main stand out point, though, was Toyota’s ability and persistence in creating more advanced vehicles. These efforts have been very well received by the public, and helped contribute to such strong sales figures.

The innovative full hybrid Prius and all hybrid sales continue to be a key aspect of the company’s brand valuation. Sales of the Prius have now bypassed the 3 million milestone and global hybrid sales stand at a staggering 5.5 million.

By the end of 2015, Toyota will launch 15 new/redesigned hybrid models worldwide, including another world first — a hydrogen fuel driven model, the Toyota Mirai, which is a turning point in automotive history!

A historic journey — the Toyota Mirai makes its 65 plate debut in London.

The Toyota Mirai made a famous journey past London’s iconic landmarks in a hydrogen powered, zero-emissions adventure marking its debut in the UK and the new 65 plate registrations.

Silently making its way through the city, the Mirai created no exhaust pollution, exuding only water vapor.

In Japanese, ‘Mirai’ means ‘Future’. This is the world’s first fuel cell car to begin in full production, and it’s designed to be as functional and practical as any ordinary car.

Jemca presents: 30 Seconds With…the Toyota Aygo.

It’s got an efficient engine. It’s got personality. It’s inexpensive to run.

It’s the Toyota Aygo, and we’re spending 30 seconds with one. How much do you really know about this responsive little city car with the big heart? We’re telling all in our “30 Seconds With…” video series. Watch and find out what you’ve missed!